Rendering Legal Terms in Shakespeare's Plays into Arabic Problems and Solutions

نوع المستند : العلوم الانسانیة الأدبیة واللغات


قسم اللغة الإنجليزية - كلية الألسن - جامعة اسوان


This study deals with the problems of rendering the legal discourse in Shakespeare’s plays into Arabic. An attempt is made to find the best methods for dealing with such problems, the most important of which is differences in legal systems that make it difficult to find equivalents for some legal terms. It shows how studying the history of legal language is so important to translators of legal texts in order to master their work. The study classified legal discourse into four types: property and ownership, trial scenes, elections, and governmental and administrative terms. A PDA approach has been applied as a tool to analyze the components of the legal discourse to solve its translational problems. The merit of this approach is that it traces the argument, resonance, logos, ethos and pathos in the legal text, then their presence in the TT is examined to test the quality of the translation, whether it sticks to the details of an early modern text or adheres to a philosophy of presentism. Some other techniques like deconstruction of the legal terms are proposed to solve certain problems like the rendering of some administrative and governmental words. Analyses in this paper raised other questions to be dealt with in future studies. The most important of which is how literary translation educators can do their best regarding using Shakespeare’s works to enlighten their students’ skills in many fields of translation.

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